Stephen Goldin Stephen Goldin

Shrine of the Desert Mage (The Parsina Saga Book 1)
Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor (The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy Book 1)
Stranglers' Moon: Family d'Alembert Book 2
Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates (The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy Book 2)
Scavenger Hunt (The Society Universe)
Imperial Stars: Family d'Alembert Book 1
Getaway World: Family d'Alembert Book 4
The Clockwork Traitor: Family d'Alembert Book 3
Appointment at Bloodstar: Family d'Alembert Book 5
Planet of Treachery: Family d'Alembert Book 7
Revolt of the Galaxy: Family d'Alembert Book 10
The Omicron Invasion: Family d'Alembert Book 9
Eclipsing Binaries: Family d'Alembert Book 8
The Purity Plot: Family d'Alembert Book 6
The Eternity Brigade
Treacherous Moon (Agents of ISIS Book 2)
Robot Mountain (Agents of ISIS Book 3)
Sanctuary Planet (Agents of ISIS Book 4)
Galactic Collapse (Agents of ISIS Book 10)
Stellar Revolution (Agents of ISIS Book 5)
Traitors' World (Agents of ISIS Book 7)
Purgatory Plot (Agents of ISIS Book 6)
Into the Out
Outworld Invaders (Agents of ISIS Book 9)
Counterfeit Stars (Agents of ISIS Book 8)
Polly!: A comic novel of hope and blasphemy
Treachery of the Demon King (The Parsina Saga Book 4)
Crystals of Air and Water (The Parsina Saga Book 3)
Mindflight (Mindsaga Book 1)
The Storyteller and the Jann (The Parsina Saga Book 2)
A World Called Solitude
And Not Make Dreams Your Master
Mindsearch (Mindsaga Book 2)
Assault on the Gods (The Society Universe)
Crossroads of the Galaxy
The Devil Behind The Leaves (The Star Rooks Book 2)
Alien Murders (Deborah Rabinowitz Mysteries Book 1)
Ghosts, Girls, & Other Phantasms
Angel in Black
Painting the Roses Red (The Star Rooks Book 1)
Tsar Wars (Agents of ISIS Book 1)
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