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Jade Darcy and the Affair of Honor: Enhanced space mercenary Jade Darcy fights against a threat from her past as she tries to help a young alien restore ... (The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy Book 1)
Jade Darcy and the Zen Pirates: Enhanced space mercenary Jade Darcy finds political intrigue and murder while visiting a bizarre alien monastery. (The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy Book 2)
Imperial Stars: Family d'Alembert Book 1
The Eternity Brigade: Classic military science fiction projecting soldiers being reincarnated to fight wars forever into the future.
Stranglers' Moon: Family d'Alembert Book 2
The Omicron Invasion: Family d'Alembert Book 9
Planet of Treachery: Family d'Alembert Book 7
Revolt of the Galaxy: Family d'Alembert Book 10
Eclipsing Binaries: Family d'Alembert Book 8
The Purity Plot: Family d'Alembert Book 6
Getaway World: Family d'Alembert Book 4
Appointment at Bloodstar: Family d'Alembert Book 5
The Clockwork Traitor: Family d'Alembert Book 3
Into the Out: Teenagers on a school outing encounter a long-dormant alien spaceship that suddenly whisks them off to interstellar adventure.
Treacherous Moon: A glamorous interstellar resort becomes a monstrous death trap! (Agents of ISIS Book 2)
Robot Mountain: A bizarre plot threatens the security of the galaxy’s ruler. (Agents of ISIS Book 3)
Sanctuary Planet: A mystery man and a criminal conspiracy combine to challenge the galaxy’s two best secret agents. (Agents of ISIS Book 4)
Stellar Revolution: The imperial wedding is held hostage  by space pirates and a subtle revolt on Earth. (Agents of ISIS Book 5)
Galactic Collapse: Mankind’s interstellar empire lies in ruins following a massive attack from an unexpected source. (Agents of ISIS Book 10)
Traitors' World: A prison planet provides the spark for a massive space attack against Earth. (Agents of ISIS Book 7)
Purgatory Plot: Religious zealots and a hidden robot threaten armed revolt against the galactic empire. (Agents of ISIS Book 6)
Outworld Invaders: Unsuspected aliens use a surprise attack to take over one of the empire’s worlds. (Agents of ISIS Book 9)
Counterfeit Stars: The interstellar conspiracy attacks imperial security with a double level of fraud and deceit. (Agents of ISIS Book 8)
Tsar Wars: The tsar’s death may lead to interstellar civil war unless two inexperienced secret agents can restore the teenage heiress to the throne. (Agents of ISIS Book 1)
Polly!: A comic novel of hope and blasphemy
Treachery of the Demon King: The heroes visit an island of trapped djinni, the City of Faces, and the lair of a dragon demon—only to find their efforts ... in their midst. (The Parsina Saga Book 4)
Shrine of the Desert Mage: A falsely accused storyteller and his daughter must escape both a dungeon and the world’s mightiest wizard as they become tangled ... battle for the w (The Parsina Saga Book 1)
Crystals of Air and Water: The heroes encounter the City of the Apes and the Isle of Illusions as their quest for the Crystal of Oromasd continues. (The Parsina Saga Book 3)
The Storyteller and the Jann: The storyteller, his daughter, and a deposed prince escape from an underground labyrinth as they circle the world to acquire ... of Oromasd. (The Parsina Saga Book 2)
Assault on the Gods: A female starship captain must lead her crew in a desperate attack against the superior gods of an alien world. (The Society Universe)
Mindflight: A telepathic spy must flee to the stars as he faces betrayal from his own side as well as the enemy (Mindsaga Book 1)
Caravan: A small group tries to maintain civilization in a world of anarchy and shortages.
Scavenger Hunt: Travel to exotic worlds to find bizarre objects—this is a game that could kill you! (The Society Universe)
A World Called Solitude: Marooned on an alien robot planet for over a decade, a lonely man must suddenly cope with threats from unexpected directions.
Mindsearch: Second-generation telepaths, seeking to establish a safe enclave for their kind, encounter an unexpected telepathic monster threatening their very existence. (Mindsaga Book 2)
Crossroads of the Galaxy: An intrepid pair of teenagers must foil a kidnap plot on a space station full of aliens.
And Not Make Dreams Your Master: A mad genius will hold the sleeping populace hostage, turning their dreams to nightmares, unless a journeyman Dreamer can figure out how to stop him.
The Devil Behind The Leaves (The Star Rooks Book 2)
Alien Murders: A sharp-witted literary broker must solve the murders of two off-world aliens. (Deborah Rabinowitz Mysteries Book 1)
Ghosts, Girls, & Other Phantasms: Stories of science fiction and fantasy by a 50+ year veteran writer in the field.
Angel in Black: Five fantasy stories of a unique fighter against supernatural menaces
Painting the Roses Red (The Star Rooks Book 1)
Herds: Murder with an alien twist.
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