Deborah O'Toole Deborah O'Toole

The Journey to Rainbow Bridge (Short Tales Book 11)
Loch Ness Monster (Historical Essays Book 5)
Billy the Kid (Historical Essays Book 3)
U.S. Political Parties (Historical Essays Book 2)
Anne Boleyn (Historical Essays Book 4)
Jack the Ripper (Historical Essays Book 1)
Foofer, the Pooka & St. Patrick (Short Tales Collection Book 4)
Foofer Meets the Puffins (Short Tales Book 9)
Foofer & Cat Burglar (Short Tales Book 5)
Foofer & the Ham Bone (Short Tales Book 1)
Torn Bits & Pieces
Foofer & the Ghastly Ghost (Short Tales Book 10)
Foofer & the Magic Mischa (Short Tales Book 7)
Foofer Moves Northwest (Short Tales Book 6)
Foofer & St. Nick (Short Tales Book 3)
Foofer Gets Groomed (Short Tales Book 5)
Foofer Goes East (Short Tales Book 2) Celtic Remnants eBook: O'Toole, Deborah: Kindle Store
Glinhaven - Kindle edition by O'Toole, Deborah . Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Kindle eBooks @ Mind Sweeper eBook: O'Toole, Deborah: Kindle Store The Crypt Artist eBook: O'Toole, Deborah : Kindle Store
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