Ravenna Tate Ravenna Tate

Bloodlust (Unlicensed to Kill Book 1)
Tannin's Thunderbolt (Demons on Wheels MC Book 1)
Rahab's Domination (Demons on Wheels MC Book 5)
Vassago's Reckoning (Demons on Wheels MC Book 6)
Mastema's Obsession (Demons on Wheels MC Book 3)
Phenex's Retribution (Demons on Wheels MC Book 4)
Gorgon's Vengeance (Demons on Wheels MC Book 2)
Spanked Into Submission (The Spanking Experiments Book 2)
Irrefutable (Tortured Love Book 2)
Unyielding (Tortured Love Book 1)
The Alpha's Forbidden Mate (Blood Moon Lynx Book 2)
Paddled by the Teacher (The Spanking Experiments Book 1)
Kidnapped by a Warrior (Voyeur Moon Book 1)
The Alpha's Taboo Mate (Blood Moon Lynx Book 1)
Fallon's Capture (Voyeur Moon Book 2)
Marianne's Abduction (Voyeur Moon Book 3)
An Appetite for Blackmail (The Weathermen Book 1)
A Flogging Fantasy (The Spanking Experiments Book 3)
Snowbound (Love Times Three Book 1)
Seduced by Two Warriors (Voyeur Moon Book 4)
Relentless (Tortured Love Book 3)
The Alpha's Secret Mate (Blood Moon Lynx Book 3)
Obsession by Design (The Weathermen Book 2)
The Price of Secrecy (The Weathermen Book 3)
Exclusive Access (The Weathermen Book 4)
A Slow-Burning Dance (The Weathermen Book 5)
Taking Passion by Storm (The Weathermen Book 6)
Undeniable (Tortured Love Book 4)
A Covert Conquest (The Weathermen Book 7)
One Naughty Fantasy (Love Times Three Book 2)
Systematic Seduction (The Weathermen Book 9)
Surrendering to Chance (The Weathermen Book 8)
Hardwired for Ecstasy (The Weathermen Book 10)
The Harder They Fall (The Weathermen Book 12)
Ruthless Temptation (The Weathermen Book 11)
Sex on the Beach (Love Times Three Book 3)
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