Nicole Zoltack Nicole Zoltack

Dark Hunt: Division 4: The Berkano Vampire Collection
Holly and Hopeful Hearts: A Bluestocking Belles Collection
How to Stake a Vampire (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 3)
Love Before Honor
Of Wit and Hunger (Once Upon A Darkened Night Book 7)
When Wolves Howl (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 2)
When Vamps Bite (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 1)
Of Cinder and Madness (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 1)
When Djinn Dream (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 9)
When Cops Prowl (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 7)
Starving For Love
How to Silence a Siren (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 6)
A Measure of Gloom (Magic Incarnate Book 5)
Of Rose and Cruelty (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 3)
How to Slay a Werewolf (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 5)
Love & Grace Boxed Set
Of Tresses and Desperation (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 6)
Of Gold and Deceit (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 5)
Under Your Spell: A Romance Boxed Set of Masked Balls, Haunted Gardens, Magic, and More
Of Slumber and Discord (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 2)
When Sirens Screech (Bedlam in Bethlehem Book 4)
The Runes Universe: Shattering Souls (Kindle Worlds)
The Test Of Time
Of Bones and Ashes (Once Upon a Darkened Night Book 4)
The Cost of Love (Darkened Nights: History Book 1)
Guns and Fangs: A Paranormal Romance Novella
A Journey of Despair (Magic Incarnate Book 4)
A Question of Faith (Magic Incarnate Book 1)
A Matter of Doubt (Magic Incarnate Book 2)
A Balance of Power (Magic Incarnate Book 3)
Masked Love (Beyond Boundaries Book 1)
The Matchmaker's Match
Joy to the World
The Cost of Intolerance (Darkened Nights: History Book 9)
The Cost of Power (Darkened Nights: History Book 3)
Woman of Honor (Kingdom of Arnhem, Book 1)
The Cost of Grief (Darkened Nights: History Book 2)
Christmas Kisses
The Cost of Rage (Darkened Nights: History Book 5)
The Cost of Magic (Darkened Nights: History Book 4)
The Cost of Treachery (Darkened Nights: History Book 6)
The Cost of Enchantment (Darkened Nights: History Book 7)
Knight of Glory (Kingdom of Arnhem, Book 2)
The Cost of Greed (Darkened Nights: History Book 10)
Champion of Valor (Kingdom of Arnhem Book 3)
The Cost of Dominance (Darkened Nights: History Book 8)
Autumn's Kiss: Eight Contemporary & Historical Sweet Romances
Marian's Misery (Magic Incarnate Adventures Book 1)
White Hellebore (Heroes of Falledge Book 2)
Starry Love
Scarlet Magi (Heroes of Falledge Book 3)
Black Hellebore (Heroes of Falledge Book 1)
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