Merita King Merita King

The Sanctification Molecule: Memories of Kylhari
The Lilean Chronicles: Book One ~ Redemption
Delectus Morbidium
Floxham Island ~ Sinclair V-Log AZ267/M
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Three ~ Changing Faces
Acts of Life
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Two ~ The Sleeping
The Lilean Chronicles: Book Four ~ Avalanche Effect
Fetish: Sinclair V-Log BY915/M (The Sinclair V-Logs Book 4)
Bygora Vandos ~ Sinclair V-Log LB734/A (The Sinclair V-Logs Book 2)
The Trials of Nahda: Sinclair V-Log PA884/R (The Sinclair V-Logs Book 3)
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