Doranna Durgin Doranna Durgin

Wolverine's Daughter (The Wolverine's Daughter Book 1)
A Feral Darkness
Changespell (The Changespell Saga Book 2)
Dun Lady's Jess: The Changespell Saga
Wolf Justice: Magic Rising II
Changespell Legacy (The Changespell Saga Book 3)
Hidden Steel (Wild Hearts Collection Book 1)
Emerging Legacy: A Story of the Wolverine's Daughter
Touched By Magic: Magic Rising I
Hair of the Dog (A Feral Darkness Book 2)
Seer's Blood
Barrenlands (The Changespell Saga Book 0)
Feef's House
Making the Rules (Wild Hearts Collection Book 4)
Ghost Whisperer: Revenge
Ghost Whisperer: Ghost Trap
Wild Thing (Sentinels series)
Just Hanah
Deep River Reckoning (The Reckoners)
Call from the Wild
Wild Hearts: Hidden Steel/Making the Rules Collection
A Bitch in Time (The Right Bitch Story Series Book 1)
The Right Bitch (The RIght Bitch Story Series Book 2)
Heart of Fire
Bitch Bewitched (The Right Bitch Story Series Book 3)
Fountane Of
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