Armand Rosamilia Armand Rosamilia

Dirty Deeds
Middletown Apocalypse
Dirty Deeds 2
Twice Upon an Apocalypse: Lovecraftian Fairy Tales
Dying Days 5
Dying Days 4
Dying Days
My Favorite Story Podcast Author Anthology
Dirty Deeds 3
Dying Days 3
Dying Days Ultimate Box Set 2
United States Of Apocalypse
Dirty Deeds 4
Dying Days 9
Keyport Cthulhu
Middletown 2: Midtown Apocalypse (Middletown Apocalypse)
Dying Days 2
Dirty Deeds 5
A View From My Seat: My Baseball Season With The Jumbo Shrimp
Dying Days 6
Dying Days 8
Dying Days 7
Dying Days: Family Ties: A Zombie YA Novella
Chelsea Avenue : A Supernatural Thriller
Green River Blend: A Supernatural Thriller
Children of the Grave
Dying Days: Siege 1 And 2 Set
Highway To Hell (Dying Days Book 1)
Green River Blend 2
Dying Days Ultimate Box Set 1
Yard Full of Bones
Still Dying 2 (Dying Days)
The Enemy Held Near
Undead Tales
Green River Blend 3
Shocker (Shocker Trilogy Book 1)
Highway To Hell 2
Zombie Writing!
Dying Days: Origins
Kokomo's Café Complete (Flagler Beach Fiction Series Book 1)
Dying Days: Origins 2
Anything but Zombies: A Short Story Anthology
Still Dying: Select Scenes From Dying Days
Zulu Six: Origins
Hollywood Hellmouth
Skulls And Bones
Undead of Winter
Shocker 2: Love Gun
Belford Stories
Dying Days: The Siege of European Village
Dying Days: Double Set 1
Rymfire Erotica
Chelsea Avenue 2:  A Supernatural Thriller
Skeletal Remains
Undead Tales 2
Golden Lion Café Complete (Flagler Beach Fiction Series Book 2)
Belford Stories 2
The Carnival 13
Belford Stories 3
Zombie Tea Party
Hellmouth Trilogy
Flagler Fish Company Complete (Flagler Beach Fiction Series Book 4)
Dying Days: Siege 2
Honolulu Hellmouth: The Hellmouth Finally Gets Leid (Hollywood Hellmouth Book 3)
Hoboken Hellmouth: The Hoboken has awoken (Hollywood Hellmouth Book 2)
Metal Queens: Models
JandJ Fitness Complete (Flagler Beach Fiction Series Book 3)
Metal Queens Complete
Metal Queens Monthly #2
Metal Queens Monthly #1
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