Maureen O. Betita Maureen O. Betita

Four To A Bed: A Polyamory Romance
A Caribbean Spell (Forever A Pirate Book 1)
The Kraken's Mirror (The Kraken's Caribbean Book 1)
Forever A Pirate: Boxed Set, Volumes 1-5 (Forever A Pirate Bundles Book 1)
The Alien Library
The Chameleon Goggles (The Kraken's Caribbean Book 2)
Essentially Human
The Pirate Circus (The Kraken's Caribbean Book 3)
The Changed World
Red Sean's Revenge (Forever A Pirate Book 2)
The Dark Dreams of Davy Jones (The Kraken's Caribbean Book 5)
The Kraken's Promise (The Kraken's Caribbean Book 4)
No Place Like Holmes
Keitran's Ascension: A Kraken's Caribbean Story
The French Gambit (Forever A Pirate Book 3)
Magic's Hostage (Forever A Pirate Book 4)
The Embrace Protocol
The Spanish Challenge (Forever A Pirate Book 6)
Born in Flight
The Hard Choices (Forever A Pirate Book 5)
Summoned Home (Forever A Pirate Book 9)
The Lurking Menace (Forever A Pirate Book 10)
The Blood Tears (Forever A Pirate Book 7)
A Desperate Course (Forever A Pirate Book 8)
The Demon's First Year: Sexual Healing #1 - #13
Forever A Pirate: Boxed Set, Volumes 21-25 (Forever A Pirate Bundles Book 5)
The Haunting (Forever A Pirate Book 14)
Forever A Pirate: Boxed Set, Volumes 11-15 (Forever A Pirate Bundles Book 3)
Ruby (Forever A Pirate Book 11)
Forever A Pirate: Boxed Set, Volumes 16-20 (Forever A Pirate Bundles Book 4)
Upon the Bridge (Forever A Pirate Book 15)
Forever A Pirate: Boxed Set, Volumes 6-10 (Forever A Pirate Bundles Book 2)
The Magician's Pearl (Forever A Pirate Book 16)
The Bitter Twist (Forever A Pirate Book 27)
Something More Than This (Forever A Pirate Book 12)
The Hunter's Trail (Forever A Pirate Book 13)
The Divine Blossom (Forever A Pirate Book 30)
Turning of the Tide (Forever A Pirate Book 28)
Forever A Pirate: Boxed Set, Volumes 26-30 (Forever A Pirate Bundles Book 6)
Lee's Gift (Forever A Pirate Book 22)
Laughing Crows (Forever A Pirate Book 29)
Loose Ends (Forever A Pirate Book 24)
The Night God (Forever A Pirate Book 18)
Captured By A Past (Forever A Pirate Book 26)
More Is Asked (Forever A Pirate Book 25)
Soul Struggles (Forever A Pirate Book 19)
Miranda's Trial (Forever A Pirate Book 20)
Silvestri's Unintended Consequences: A Kraken's Caribbean Story
A Nest of Nightmares (Forever A Pirate Book 17)
The Rebel Plot (Forever A Pirate Book 23)
The Taste of Blood (Forever A Pirate Book 21)
Rumsgiving A Holiday for Emily: A Kraken's Caribbean Story
A Troubling Courtship: A Kraken's Caribbean Story
The Founding of the Port: A Kraken's Caribbean Story
A Pirate Vacation: A Kraken's Caribbean Story
Miranda's Passion: Poetry from Forever A Pirate
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