Kailin Gow Kailin Gow

Midnight Frost (Bitter Frost #5 of The Frost Series)
Life's Blood  (Pulse Book 2): PULSE Series (PULSE Vampire Series)
Blood Burned (PULSE, Book 3) (PULSE Vampire Series)
Blood Bond (PULSE, Book 5) (PULSE Vampire Series)
Blue Blood (PULSE, Book 4) (PULSE Vampire Series)
FADE (Kailin Gow's FADE Series: Book 1)
Blood Legacy (PULSE Vampire Series #6)
Shattered (Desire Series Book 2)
FALLING  (A Dystopian Thriller Fiction) (FADE Series Book 2)
PULSE (PULSE Vampire Series Book 1)
The Fairy Fair (The Fairy Rose Chronicles #2: Frost Series): Tales from Feyland
Frost Fire (Frost Series (TM) #6)
DESIRE: A Sci Fi Post-Apocalypse Romance (Desire Series Book 1)
The Alchemists Academy:  Stones to Ashes Book 1: Or The Training of Merlin's Magical Mentees
The Red Wolf (The Wolf Fey #2)
Shimmer (Wicked Woods #2)
The Alchemists Academy Book 2: Elemental Explosions: Or The Training of Merlin's Magical Mentees
Beautiful Beings (Beautiful Beings #1) (Beautiful Beings Series)
Supernatural Devices: Paranormal Fantasy (Steampunk Scarlett Series Book 1)
Silver (Wicked Woods #3) (Wicked Woods Series)
The Fire Wars (A Dystopian Mythology Fiction)
Sight (Wicked Woods Series #5)
Silence  (Wicked Woods #4) (Wicked Woods Series)
The Fairy Rose (The Fairy Rose Chronicles #1:Frost Series) (The Frost Series): (Tales of Feyland)
Rise of the Fire Tamer (The Wordwick Games Book 1)
Heaven and Hell  (Beautiful Beings, #2) (Beautiful Beings Series)
Fire Stones (The Fire Wars #2) (A Young Adult Dystopian Mythology Fiction)
Brotherhood of Blood (A PULSE Vampire Novel) (Brotherhood of Blood: PULSE Vampire Series)
The Fairy Letters: A FROST Series(TM) Novel
Summer Wishes (Desire #1.5) (A Dystopian Fantasy Fiction) (Desire Series)
Pixies vs. Fairies (The Fairy Rose Chronicles #3: Frost Series): (Tales from Feyland)
The PULSE Papers (PULSE Series #4.5) (PULSE Vampire Series)
The Ascension: YA Dragon Gamer  SAT Prep Fiction (The Wordwick Games Book 2)
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