June Kramin June Kramin

Money Didn't Buy Her Love
Dustin Time Box Set
Come and Talk to Me
Dustin Time
Dustin's Turn (Dustin Time Book 2)
Here Today Gone to Maui, Hailey (I Got Your Back, Hailey Book 4)
Amanda's Got This, Hailey (I Got Your Back, Hailey Book 3)
Baby, Just Say Yes
I've Also Got Your Front, Hailey (I Got Your Back, Hailey Book 2)
Let's Start With Forever
I'll Try to Behave Myself
Devon's Change of Heart: Money Didn't Buy Her Love II
Dustin's Novel (Dustin Time Book 3)
Past the Fields, Where all is Golden (Before Happily Ever After Book 6)
At the Museum, with Wandering Eyes (Before Happily Ever After Book 7)
Overboard and Out of this Realm (Before Happily Ever After Book 8)
Soaring up to the Clouds, Not Knowing Jack (Before Happily Ever After Book 5)
Down the River and Awakening the Rose (Before Happily Ever After Book 4)
Into the Forest and Down the Tower (Before Happily Ever After Book 2)
Double Mocha, Heavy on Your Phone Number
Off to Camp and Discovering Art (Before Happily Ever After Book 3)
Through the Mirror and Into Snow (Before Happily Ever After Book 1)
I Got Your Back, Hailey
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