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The First Queen of England: Lady Elfrida: England's First Queen
The Lady of Mercia's Daughter: England: The Tenth Century
Northman Part 1: England: The Second Viking Age (The Earls of Mercia Book 3)
The King's Earl (The Earls of Mercia Book 5)
Northman Part 2 (Earls of Mercia Series Book 4)
Wulfstan - An Anglo Saxon Thegn (The Earls of Mercia Series Book 9)
Pagan Warrior (Gods and Kings Book 1)
The Second English King (Chronicles of the English Book 3)
Cnut: The Conqueror (The Earls of Mercia Series Book 10)
Swein: The Danish King (The Earls of Mercia Series Book Book 9)
The Earl of Mercia (The Earls of Mercia Book 6)
The Mercian Brexit
Warrior King (Gods and Kings Book 3)
Brunanburh: A novel of 937 (Chronicles of the English Book 1)
Pagan King (Gods and Kings Book 2)
Of Kings and Half Kings (Chronicles of the English Book 2)
Hidden Dragon (The Dragon of Unison Book 1)
Dragon Alone (Dragon of Unison Book 3)
Dragon Gone (The Dragon of Unison Book 2)
Dragon Ally (Dragon of Unison Book 4)
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