Madelynne Ellis Madelynne Ellis

Bath Bomb: Forbidden Bad Boys (Sunsetters Book 2)
Sex Bomb: Forbidden Bad Boys (Sunsetters Book 3)
Indiscretions (Scandalous Seductions Book 2)
Her Husband’s Lover (Scandalous Seductions Book 5)
The Kissing Bough (Forbidden Loves Book 1)
A Gentleman's Wager (Scandalous Seductions Book 1)
Three Times the Scandal (Scandalous Seductions Book 4)
All Night Long (Black Halo, Book 1) (Black Halo Series)
Come Undone (Rock Hard, Book 1)
Resistor (Off the Record Book 2)
All Right Now (Black Halo Book 3)
Menage After Midnight (Romps & Rakehells Book 2)
Come Together (Rock Hard, Book 2)
All Fired Up (Black Halo, Book 2) (Black Halo Series)
Anything but Ordinary
Romps & Rakehells Collection
Crazy Love: Forbidden Bad Boys (Bad Boys of Brit Pop Book 1)
Come Alive (Rock Hard, Book 3)
Come Play With Me: An Erotica Collection
Phantasmagoria (Scandalous Seductions Book 3)
Taming Taylor (Romps & Rakehells Book 3)
The Ghosts of Christmas Past (Scandalous Seductions Book 6)
Capturing Cora (Romps & Rakehells Book 1)
The Demon Way (Blood Moon Book 2)
We Were Lovers Once
Shadow Queen (Blood Moon Book 3)
Passion Of Isis (Black Lace)
Confessions of a Greedy Girl (A Secret Diary Series)
Woe in Kabukicho
Dark Designs (Black Lace)
Possession: Three paranormal tales of shape-shifting and possession from Black Lace
Cherry Bomb: Forbidden Bad Boys (Sunsetters Book 1)
Prophecy (Blood Moon Book 1)
Remastered (Off the Record  Book 1)
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