Michael Brines Michael Brines

Babylonian and Egyptian Astrology
Vril -- A Force to Reckon With
The Queen's Martian Rifles
Falun Gong - The Force is With Us
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
Black Magic / White Magic - What's the Difference?
Alien Hybrids in Ancient Times
The Donuts of Doom
The Knights Templar - Medieval Cult or Modern Nemesis?
The Truth About Conspiracy Theories
Protect Yourself from Mind Control
How to Tell a Lie
Death by Chocolate
What Darwinists Don't Want You to Know
Maitre'd to the Damned
Self-Defense Against Alien Abduction
The Bible - Dead Letter or Message from Your Creator?
Revolutionary Discipleship
Science & Magick - Are they Compatible?
Spiritual Embezzlement Made Easy
Of Myth and Magic
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