Kealan Patrick Burke Kealan Patrick Burke

Sour Candy
The Hides (The Timmy Quinn Series Book 2)
Vessels (The Timmy Quinn Series Book 3)
Peregrine's Tale (The Timmy Quinn Series Book 4)
Jack & Jill
Master of the Moors: A Novel
Ravenous Ghosts
Milestone: The Collected Stories, Volume One
Secret Faces
The Turtle Boy (The Timmy Quinn Series Book 1)
The Novellas
The Tent: A Novella
The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others
Nemesis: The Death of Timmy Quinn (The Timmy Quinn Series Book 5)
Stage Whispers: The Collected Timmy Quinn
Currency of Souls: A Novel
The Grief Frequency
DEAD LEAVES: 9 Tales from the Witching Season
Theater Macabre
Dead of Winter
You In?
Seldom Seen in August
The Toll: A Halloween Short Story
The Witch: A Novella (Milestone Book 1)
Dust & Shadow
Digital Hell: 4 Tales of Techno Horror
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