Julie Miller Julie Miller

Partner-Protector (The Precinct Series Book 1)
Kansas City Cover-Up (The Precinct - Cold Case Book 1)
Rescued by the Marine
Crossfire Christmas (The Precinct Series Book 23)
KCPD Protector (The Precinct Series Book 22)
Yuletide Protector (The Precinct - Task Force Book 6)
Private S.W.A.T. Takeover (The Precinct Series Book 9)
Military Grade Mistletoe (The Precinct Book 1751)
Armed and Devastating (The Precinct Series Book 8)
Police Business (The Precinct Series Book 2)
Make Mine A Marine
In the Blink of an Eye (The Taylor Clan)
Kansas City Countdown: A thrilling romantic suspense (The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue Book 2)
Protecting Plain Jane (The Precinct Series Book 13)
APB: Baby (The Precinct: Bachelors in Blue Book 1)
Task Force Bride (The Precinct - Task Force Book 5)
Kansas City Cowboy (The Precinct - Task Force Book 2)
The Marine Next Door (The Precinct - Task Force Book 1)
Takedown (The Precinct Series Book 12)
Kansas City Cop (The Precinct Book 6)
Sudden Engagement (The Taylor Clan)
Beast in the Tower (He's a Mystery Book 4)
Protective Instincts (The Precinct Series Book 7)
Kansas City Confessions (The Precinct: Cold Case Book 3)
Protecting the Pregnant Witness (The Precinct Series Book 14)
Nanny 911 (The Precinct Series Book 15)
Kansas City Secrets & Kansas City Confessions: An Anthology
Assumed Identity (The Precinct - Task Force Book 4)
Kansas City Secrets (The Precinct: Cold Case Book 2)
Man with the Muscle
Secret Agent Heiress (Montana Confidential)
Kansas City Christmas (The Precinct Series Book 10)
Tactical Advantage (The Precinct - Task Force Book 3)
Search and Seizure (The Precinct Series Book 3)
Nine-Month Protector (The Precinct:Vice Squad Book 2)
Beauty and the Badge (The Precinct Series Book 11)
Up Against The Wall (The Precinct:Vice Squad Book 1)
Last Man Standing (The Taylor Clan)
Unsanctioned Memories (The Taylor Clan)
The Rookie (The Taylor Clan Book 699)
Three Cowboys: An Anthology
Baby Jane Doe (The Precinct Series Book 4)
Riding the Storm (Code Red)
Pulling the Trigger (Kenner County Crime Unit Book 6)
At Your Command
Kansas City's Bravest (The Taylor Clan Book 719)
Out of Control (0-60)
Forbidden Captor (Big Sky Bounty Hunters Book 4)
Bad Girl (Intrigue Noir Book 3)
Keeping Watch: An Anthology (National Consumer Promotion)
Ice Lake: An Anthology
Carnal Innocence
Intimate Knowledge
The Duke's Covert Mission
Basic Training
Major Attraction
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