Gerald Weinberg Gerald Weinberg

An Introduction to General Systems Thinking
Becoming a Technical Leader
The Secrets of Consulting: A Guide to Giving and Getting Advice Successfully (Consulting Secrets Book 1)
The Psychology of Computer Programming: Silver Anniversary eBook Edition
Are Your Lights On?
Exploring Requirements 1: Quality Before Design
More Secrets of Consulting: The Consultant's Tool Kit (Consulting Secrets Book 2)
Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing
Weinberg on Writing: The Fieldstone Method
Rethinking Systems Analysis and Design (General Systems Thinking Book 4)
Becoming a Change Artist (Quality Software Book 7)
How Software is Built (Quality Software Book 1)
Managing Yourself and Others (Quality Software Book 5)
Change Done Well (Quality Software Book 9)
Exploring Requirements 2: First Steps into Design
Why Software Gets In Trouble (Quality Software Book 2)
Passive Regulation: General Systems Design Principles (General Systems Thinking Book 2)
Managing Teams Congruently (Quality Software Book 6)
How to Observe Software Systems (Quality Software Book 3)
Understanding the Professional Programmer
Active Regulation: General Systems Design Principles (General Systems Thinking Book 3)
Responding to Significant Software Events (Quality Software Book 4)
CHANGE: Planned & Unplanned (Quality Software Book 8)
Earth's Endless Effort
Roundtable on Project Management (SHAPE Forum Dialogues Book 2)
First Stringers: Eyes That Do Not See (More Fully Human Book 1)
The Aremac Project
Freshman Murders
The Hands of God
Mistress of Molecules
Second Stringers: The Sole Advantage (More Fully Human Book 2)
Aremac Power: Inventions at Risk (The Aremac Book 2)
Roundtable on Technical Leadership (SHAPE Forum Dialogues Book 1)
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