James A. Hunter James A. Hunter

Viridian Gate Online: The Jade Lord (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 3)
Viridian Gate Online: Cataclysm (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 1)
Viridian Gate Online: Crimson Alliance (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 2)
Viridian Gate Online: Imperial Legion (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 4)
Viridian Gate Online: The Lich Priest: A litRPG Adventure (The Viridian Gate Archives Book 5)
War God's Mantle: Ascension (The War God Saga Book 1)
Strange Magic: A Yancy Lazarus Novel (Pilot Episode)
Viridian Gate Online: The Artificer: A litRPG Adventure (The Imperial Initiative Book 1)
Wendigo Rising: A Yancy Lazarus Novel
Cold Hearted: A Yancy Lazarus Novel (Episode Two)
Savage Prophet: A Yancy Lazarus Novel (Episode Four)
Wendigo Rising: A Yancy Lazarus Novel
Wendigo Rising: A Yancy Lazarus Novel
Brimstone Blues: A Yancy Lazarus Novel (Yancy Lazarus Series Book 5)
Two-Faced: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Legend of the Treesinger Book 1)
Flashback: The Morrigan: A Yancy Lazarus Novella (Yancy Lazarus Series)
Flashback: Siren Song (Yancy Lazarus Book 1)
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