Charity Parkerson Charity Parkerson

Blow (Hard Hit Book 2)
Collide (Hard Hit Book 1)
Uneven (Hooked Book 2)
Spent: A Dark Romance (Wrecked Book 2)
Thrash (Hard Hit Book 3)
Undone (Hooked Book 1)
Heart's Strum (Ugly Eternity Book 3)
Heart's Duo (Ugly Eternity Book 4)
Heart's Chord (Ugly Eternity Book 5)
Shatter (Hard Hit Book 4)
Crush (Hard Hit Book 5)
Break (Hard Hit Book 6)
Sated: A Dark Romance (Wrecked Book 1)
Heart's Song (Ugly Eternity Book 2)
The Sexy & The Undead (Sexy Witches Book 1)
The Pixie & The Prince (Sexy Witches Book 2)
Heart's Beat (Ugly Eternity Book 1)
Bryant: MMA Romance (Undefeated Series Book 1)
Inoperative: Cyborg One
Ace (Undefeated Series Book 2)
Paul (Undefeated Series Book 4)
Walt (Undefeated Series Book 3)
Secured Secret (Secured Heart Book 2)
Secured Undercover (Secured Heart Book 1)
Secured Wishes (Secured Heart Book 3)
Undefeated: (Books: 1-4)
A Secure Heart
Sexy Witches
The Society of Sinners
A Splash of Hope (Spiced Life Book 1)
Tasting Temptation (Sexy Witches Book 3)
The Wizard & The Wanton (Sexy Witches Book 4)
Wanted: Hexed or Alive (A Sexy Witches short)
Being his Favorite (Favorite Things Book 1)
A Dash of Desire (Spiced Life Book 2)
Danger Undercover (Safe Haven Complete Series Books 1-4)
The Sinners- The Boxed Set
Incurably Wicked: The Complete Series
Wicked Sinners
Sarah's Dirty Secret: Incurably Wicked Prequel
The Danger with Sinners
Secured Sparks (Secured Heart Book 4)
The Assassin (Safe Haven Series Book 3)
The Assignment (Safe Haven Series Book 1)
Sinners of Water & Fire
Of Ghosts and Dreams
The Agent (Safe Haven Series Book 2)
Bound (Incurably Wicked Book 1)
The Informant (Safe Haven Book 4)
Blue Cheesecake (A Sci-Fi Erotic Short)
The-Adonis (Incurably Wicked Book 2)
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