Amy Sumida Amy Sumida

Pixie-Led : Book 2 in the Twilight Court Series
Of Gods and Wolves: Book 2 in The Godhunter Series
Oathbreaker: Book 3 in the Godhunter Series
Green Tea and Black Death: Book 5 in The Godhunter Series
My Soul to Take :  Book 18 in the Godhunter Series
Blood Bound: Book 16 in The Godhunter Series
Eye of Re (Book 17 in The Godhunter Series)
Marked by Death: Book 4 in the Godhunter Series
The Tainted Web : Book 7 in The Godhunter Series
The Last Lullaby (The Spellsinger Book 1)
Raven-Mocking: Book 3 in the Twilight Court Series
Harvest of the Gods: Book 8 in the Godhunter Series
Rain or Monkeyshine (Book 15 in The Godhunter Series)
A Taste for Blood: Book 6 in The Godhunter Series
Perchance To Die (Book 12 in The Godhunter Series)
A Fey Harvest: Book 9 in The Godhunter Series
A Symphony of Sirens: Book 2 in the Spellsinger Series
Tracing Thunder:  Book 13 in the Godhunter Series
Out of the Darkness (Book 11 in the Godhunter Series)
Into the Void (Book 10 in the Godhunter Series)
As the Crow Flies (Book 19 in the Godhunter Series)
Here There be Dragons : Book 4 in the Twilight Court Series
Light as a Feather (Book 14 in The Godhunter Series)
Out of the Blue Book 2 Beyond the Godhunter
A Darker Element (Beyond the Godhunter Book 1)
There's a Goddess Too
Fairy-Struck: A Reverse Harem Fantasy Romance (The Twilight Court Book 1)
Godhunter: A Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance (The Godhunter Book 1)
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