Amy Sumida Amy Sumida

Fairy-Struck: Book 1 in the Twilight Court Series
Pixie-Led : Book 2 in the Twilight Court Series
The Last Lullaby (The Spellsinger Book 1)
A Symphony of Sirens: Book 2 in the Spellsinger Series
Of Gods and Wolves : Book 2 in The Godhunter Series
Light as a Feather (Book 14 in The Godhunter Series)
Raven-Mocking (Book 3 in the Twilight Court Series)
Oathbreaker: Book 3 in the Godhunter Series
Here There be Dragons : Book 4 in the Twilight Court Series
Marked by Death: Book 4 in the Godhunter Series
Perchance To Die (Book 12 in The Godhunter Series)
Green Tea and Black Death: Book 5 in The Godhunter Series
Rain or Monkeyshine (Book 15 in The Godhunter Series)
Blood Bound: Book 16 in The Godhunter Series
A Fey Harvest: Book 9 in The Godhunter Series
The Tainted Web : Book 7 in The Godhunter Series
Into the Void (Book 10 in the Godhunter Series)
A Taste for Blood: Book 6 in The Godhunter Series
Out of the Darkness (Book 11 in the Godhunter Series)
Harvest of the Gods: Book 8 in the Godhunter Series
Tracing Thunder (The Godhunter Series Book 13)
My Soul to Take :  Book 18 in the Godhunter Series
Eye of Re (Book 17 in The Godhunter Series)
As the Crow Flies (Book 19 in the Godhunter Series)
A Darker Element (Beyond the Godhunter Book 1)
Out of the Blue Book 2 Beyond the Godhunter
There's a Goddess Too
Godhunter (The Godhunter Book 1)
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