Authorgraph Advice to Authors

100,000 Authorgraphs

23 December 2013 - Seattle

I'm very pleased to announce that Authorgraph has reached a major milestone. Readers from all over the world have now received more than 100,000 Authorgraphs from their favorite authors! I want to take this opportunity to reflect a bit on Authorgraph since its launch and lay out some plans for the future.

Authorgraph officially launched on May 15, 2011. It took 586 days to deliver the first 50,000 Authorgraphs and then 343 days for the next 50,000. If that growth rate continues, the next 50,000 Authorgraphs will be delivered over the next 200 days or so.

As much fun as it has been getting to this point, I'm even more excited about what the future of Authorgraph holds. Now that authors have been able to connect directly with their most passionate fans, I want to explore the possibilities of having ongoing conversations with those fans.

I also still continue to follow my primary thesis that authors are businesses and they need better tools and services to manage their businesses, connect with their customers, and find new customers. For example, many authors are coming up with fun and unique ways to communicate with their readers about new releases and upcoming appearances and I want to provide some of those capabilities as a core part of the Authorgraph experience.

I look forward to continue building and growing Authorgraph and I hope that I'll be able to announce 1,000,000 delivered Authorgraphs in the very near future.