In The Dragon's Lair
Frontier Justice
Buffalo Soldier: Escort Duty
Buffalo Soldier: Peacekeepers
Wallace in Underland
Buffalo Soldier: Renegade
Buffalo Soldier:  Homecoming
Buffalo Soldier
Buffalo Soldier:  Trial By Fire
Buffalo Soldier: Yosemite
Buffalo Soldier
Dead, White, and Blue
Deadly Dose
Dead Men Don't Answer
The Day the Music Died
Till Death Do Us Part
If I Should Die Before I Wake
Death by Design
Color Me Dead
Dead Man's Cove
Deadly Intentions
The Last Gunfighters
Die, Sinner
A Good Day to Die
Child of the Flame
Memorial to the Dead
Angel on His Shoulder
African Places
Death and Taxis
The White Dragons
Pip's Revenge
Drop Dead, Gorgeous
A Portrait of Africa
There's Always a Plan B
She's No Angel
Further Adventures of Wallace in Underland
Dragon Slayer
Grab the Brass Ring

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