Charles Ray Charles Ray

Mountain Man
Death by Design (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 9)
Frontier Justice: Bass Reeves, Deputy U.S. Marshal
Buffalo Soldier: Yosemite
Buffalo Soldier: Family Feud (Buffalo Soldiers Book 14)
Buffalo Soldier: Battle at Dead Man's Gulch
Color Me Dead (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 1)
Angel on His Shoulder - Revised Edition
Buffalo Soldier: The Piano
Buffalo Soldier: Comanchero
There's Always a Plan B
Buffalo Soldier: Renegade
Buffalo Soldier: Escort Duty
The Last Gunfighters
Buffalo Soldier:  Incident at Cactus Junction
Buffalo Soldier: Mob Justice
Buffalo Soldier: Chasing Ghosts
Deadly Intentions (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 8)
Buffalo Soldier:  Trial By Fire
Buffalo Soldier: Range War
Buffalo Soldier: Peacekeepers
Buffalo Soldier:  Homecoming
Child of the Flame
Die, Sinner (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 7)
The Day the Music Died (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 6)
Battle at the Galactic Junkyard
Till Death Do Us Part (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 10)
Butterfly Effect (Ed Lazenby mysteries Book 1)
Dead, White, and Blue (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 4)
A Good Day to Die (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 5)
If I Should Die Before I Wake
In the Line of Fire: American Diplomats in the Trenches
Deadly Dose (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 11)
Murder on the Menu: an Al Pennyback mystery (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 26)
Dead Reckoning: an Al Pennyback mystery (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 24)
Dead Man's Cove (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 12)
Memorial to the Dead (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 2)
A Deadly Wind Blows: an Al Pennyback mystery (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 19)
A Time to Kill, A Time to Die (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 22)
Deadline (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 3)
Deadly Vendetta (Al Pennyback mystery Book 21)
Dead Men Don't Answer (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 13)
Devil's Lake
The Cat in the Hatbox: an Ed Lazenby mystery (Ed Lazenby mysteries Book 3)
Death Wish (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 21)
Dead Ringer (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 23)
Deadbeat: an Al Pennyback mystery (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 18)
Drop Dead, Gorgeous: an Al Pennyback mystery (Al Pennyback mysteries Book 18)
Death of Innocence: an Al Pennyback mystery (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 24)
Advice for the Insecure Writer
Coriolis Effect: An Ed Lazenby Mystery (Ed Lazenby Mysteries Book 2)
Death and Taxis (Al Pennyback Mysteries Book 17)
Samantha and the Bully
Pip's Revenge (The Chronicle of Pip of Pandara Book 2)
African Places: A Photographic Journey Through Zimbabwe and southern Africa
The Yak and the Yeti
A Portrait of Africa
Grab the Brass Ring
The White Dragons
In The Dragon's Lair
Where is Teddy?
Dragon Slayer
She's No Angel
Further Adventures of Wallace in Underland:  Wallace Saves the King
Tommy Learns to Count
Here, There Be Demons (The Chronicle of Pip of Pandara Book 3)
Molly Learns to Share
Looking at Life Through My Lens
Catie Goes to School
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