Zenobia Renquist Zenobia Renquist

Wine Service
Pet's Pleasure
Love Reversed
Charmed Lovers
Filling the Void: 1 (Daily Grind)
Harley on the Rocks
Caveat Emptor: Charmed Lover
Getting It Right
On the Case (Guardian's Tales)
Or Current Resident (Soul Debt)
Foxy: Once Was Lost
Pliable Inhibitions
Overcoming the Need
Taking It Back
Guardian's Tales 1: On a Whim
Caveat Emptor 3: Provoked Lover
On the Trail
Caveat Emptor 2: Trapped Lover
White Hot Christmas
Undercurrent (WET Book 4)
Selected Lovers (Caveat Emptor)
Rite Men for Maya
Caveat Emptor 4: Anguished Lover
Collar and Bell (Forever Wicked)
Before and After Work
Heart's Fall (Trick or Treat)
Santa's Helpers: Decorating Spirit
Café Midnight: Chamomile Nights
Overflow (Wet Book 3)
Yet to Come (Red Velvet Christmas)
Caveat Emptor 6: Determined Lover
Caveat Emptor: Eternal Lovers
Interoffice Relations
Caveat Emptor 5: Forgotten Lover
Razor's Edge: Pre-Game Show
Private Meetings
Sealing the Deal
Razor's Edge: Fantasy vs. Reality
I Need an F (Razor's Edge)
Razor's Edge: After Party
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