Regan Black Regan Black

Safe in His Sight (Escape Club Heroes)
Bulletproof (Unknown Identities Book 1)
Escape Club: Prequel to Escape Club Heroes
Double Vision (Unknown Identities Book 2)
Shadows of Justice Collection (books 1-3 with bonus short stories)
Sandman (Unknown Identities Book 3)
Tracking Shadows (Shadows of Justice Book 4)
Last Strike (Unknown Identities Book 4)
Adopt A Greyhound Guide
Shadows to Light (Shadows of Justice Book 5)
Invasion of Justice (Shadows of Justice Book 2)
Timeless Vision (Knight Traveler Book 1)
The Matchmaker's Mark
Heart of Time (Knight Traveler)
Veil of Justice (Shadows of Justice Book 3)
Justice Incarnate (Shadows of Justice Book 1)
An Heirloom Amber: Knight Traveler Tale
Death-Trap Date: An Unknown Identities Short Story
In the Interest of Security (Shadows of Justice Book 6)
Timeless Changes (Knight Traveler Book 2)
The Matchmaker's Curse
The Matchmaker Series Collection (books 1-3)
The Bodyguard's Vow (Matchmaker Book 3)
The Hobbitville Saga Short Story Collection (1-5)
Famous Last Words
The Pixie Chicks (The Hobbitville Saga Book 1)
The Shadow Stone (Hobbitville Saga)
Snow Covered Resolutions (The Hobbitville Saga)
Hot Spots (Hobbitville Saga Book 2)
Breaking New Ground (Hobbitville Saga Book 3)
Runaway Secret
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