Marcia Carrington Marcia Carrington

Champagne Charlie
Blake's High School Reunion
Mark's Passionate Heart (Mark's Heart Book 1)
The Adventures of Mrs Browning
The Kidnapper
Alby Martin
Alicia Day
The Great High School Love Game
Patricia's Holiday Affair
Mariel's Marriage Mayhem
Man On A Motorbike (Linda's Heartbreak Book 1)
Maxwell Slade Has Vanished
What's A Man To Do?
Harvey Handsome
Earle's Grand Despair
Silas Savage (Linda's Heartbreak Book 2)
Jeremiah and Georgina's Christmas
Grant's Anguish
The Chauffeur
Brandy's Summer Idol
Looking Back
Angry Cameron
The Grandmother's Message
Adam, My Guardian Angel
The Announcer
Mandy's Dream Beau
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